Chronicles of TeamSpeak

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Chronicles of TeamSpeak

Post by TAZjr » Thu Dec 27, 2018 7:24 pm

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I venture into the coms room called Bob, Ed and Marco Mouse's Room to see what is on schedule for this day. As I listen to havoc of fighting aliens or bugs and dealing with cracking of the surface called Quakes, it seems 3 Senior members of the {TNT} Squad are on a mission into the Deep Rock Galactic space frontier. As I sit and cannot give advise to what I do not know, all I can do is listen to the terror of dieing from Quakes, missed assignments and lost goals in the beginning.

Seams the first member of the Squad "Big V" has control of the situation,as member 2 is in poor health
after falling into a deep canon and having issues finding his way out but finally finds his Red Sugar for more health. Member 3 seems to be having same issues trying to give cover fire of falling in to crevices and needing member 2's Red Sugar. As the Venture continues Big V is directing member 2(Red Sugar Man) along with member 3 where to go and their duties to finish the mission.
Member 3 is having trouble giving cover fire and steps in to lava not knowing what it is, he(Lava Boy) is needing some red sugar for health.

At this point Big V and Red Sugar Man are instructing Lava Boy not to totally kill the alien bugs, I presume called Exploders, so they will not explode but just wound them instead. Big V knows where he is going but Red Sugar Man is bitching and calling on Lava Boy for more cover fire. As the mission goes on its starting to sound as if Lava Boy has changed his kit and doing better. Both Red Sugar Man and Lava Boy keep asking Big V for which direction they need to go. As the masterful Big V instructs them what to do, after a few more scraps with aliens and dealing with more Quakes it seems the Trio of Big V, Red Sugar Man and Lava Boy finally finish there mission in Victory and move on to other things.

As the 3 members of the {TNT} Squad part ways, it was a victorious day in the land of Deep Rock Galactic.

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Re: Chronicles of TeamSpeak

Post by {TNT}Caliban55 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:38 am


A superb summary of a normal day being a dwarf and going down deep into the caverns of Hoxxes IV. To our defense I would like to add, that we had a few Skullcrusher Ales at the Abyss Bar and our Lava Boy has a somewhat strange affinity to anything hot :mrgreen: .

Rock and stone, brothas!

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