Arma 3 semi role-play MILSIM event

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Arma 3 semi role-play MILSIM event

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The team around Osh is currently planing a MILSIM event for Arma 3 with a semi role-play approach. For those interested, they would be happy to have our guys joining and taking part. The last event was a load of fun and the team put in a lot of work to get a event going that had many real life military procedures/planing implemented (active NATO members in the team helped on that account :D ).

If you want to participate, please let me know, which slot number/role you would like to take (with an alternative, if possible).

Some more info:
Date: 17th of April 2021
Time: 19:50 UTC+1 (event start, gathering 19:30 (GMT+2 DST) UTC+1 in TeamSpeak, I would recommend 19:00, or a bit earlier to get technical questions/problems sorted out).
Time Eastern Standard (New York): 13:50 (1:50pm), etc.
URL: ... -am-17-04/

German description, please use Google Translate/DeepL for a translate.

Modlist/collection, required: ... 2423666835
Modlist, optional: For technical support testing and introduction to ACE3 and TFAR, it is possible to meet in the Linebackers TeamSpeak:
Friday, 16th: 12am and 2pm (New York EST)
Saturday, 17th: 10am and 12am (New York EST)

I will update the post with additional info, once available.
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