Thanks for the Domi Server

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Thanks for the Domi Server

Post by ZAP44 »

Incoming! Just want to thank TNT members for the excellent Domination Server. Don't see any of you around much...gamed with Sarge, Merlin, Zack and some others a little but I'm usually pretty lonely. Followed directions and have mashed the donation button a few times hopefully enough to pay for the server. I understand...Domination is old, very old, and new games come out all the time. Although I have donated to keep the server up if you feel there is not enough interest to keep it up I understand perfectly.

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Re: Thanks for the Domi Server

Post by {TNT}Caliban55 »

Hi ZAPP44, thank you for the positive feedback on the Domination server, much appreciated. And also thank you for your donations to support the servers!

As long as there are server resources to still run the Domination server, it should stay up. As to the player numbers, nowadays ArmA3 tactical simulation style mission are hardly played anymore. There are a few big communities that still run these mission types with a higher number of players, but they are very rare. The majority of Arma players consists of RPG/Life/Zombie players on such servers.

We can try to set up a Domination weekend, where at least a few of our members here could join if they want, but I don't think this will start a trend to a more populated domination server.

So, have fun and enjoy the Domination server :) .
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