Please post your introduction in this section and let us know a bit about yourself.
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Post by Zaershan »

Hi, I was told about this place from CodeBick. Not really good at finding communities to join, usually just on my own. I don't play as many multiplayer games as I used to because of that but I have interest in everything. I'd be interested in playing with anyone if they'd like.

I honestly like all game genres. Recently have been playing Fire Emblem Three Houses on the switch. Mainly just PC and Switch nowadays. I sold my PS4 and haven't turned my Xbox One on in over a year. I like to play VR games with the Vive too. Have been thinking about getting an Index, but not sure.

I usually just try/buy games that come out that interest me, play until I'm finished with them and move on. Not really the type of person to play that one game that came out in 2013 for 6+ years.

that's all I can think to put here. have a good one.
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Re: Hello

Post by {TNT}Caliban55 »

Hi Zaershan,

thanks for leaving a quick post here. If you want to meet the other members here, join our TeamSpeak and find out what everyone else is playing and join them in a game or two.

If it comes to joing our community, we are usually looking for people who stay a bir longer and are not community hopping on a monthly basis.

So, hope to see you in the TeamSpeak/or in a gaming session!
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Re: Hello

Post by {tnt}codebick »

Hey there, glad to see you stopped by. As Caliban said, join us in teamspeak. Even if it to hang out while playing something else. I often hang out in a channel with others when playing a different game. No one minds.

So, hope you see you on sometime.
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