Server admin/moderator requirements and code of conduct

If you want to become a server admin, or moderator, please leave a post in this forum. Please make sure to read this forum post rule and read the code of conduct guideline.
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Server admin/moderator requirements and code of conduct

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The following is a short overview for the requirements to apply to become a server/ingame admin on one of the {TNT} server and also a code of conduct/behavior with a brief guideline.

  • Minimum age: 18, and/or minimum time played on the gameserver: 50 hours
  • For community members, being a member for at least 4 months
  • Able to speak, write and understand the English language
  • Working TeamSpeak client with working microphone
  • Regular checking of the forum, in case there is a ban/complain pending, which requires further input from the admin.
  • Server admin is given to a specific gameserver, or type of game
  • You have read, understood and agree to apply the rules under the following forum sections: Server Rules , TNT Rules
There may be exceptions to the minimum age/gameserver time, but they will be handled case-by-case and not be the rule.

Code of conduct and behavior for server admins:
The position of server admin is neither to be understood as a privilege, status symbol, badge, rank, or a free ticket carte blanche to do anything that you want on the gameserver! It usually comes down to a very simple part, which means less playing, more monitoring of players, server performance. If your sole intention is monitoring other players, I recommend for you to get a hobby instead, server admin is definitely not a position for you.

As a server admin you will have to deal with a situation in a detached and polite manner towards the offending player, which means that even if you are insulted, screamed at, you will just manage the situation without yourself using insults, derogatory terms, demeaning or racist language/behavior (just kick or ban the offending player and that's it, or explain to him what he did wrong).

There is probably not much worse in a gaming session than a server admin abusing his power for personal benefits, or unfairness. You will never do this.

You will apply the server rules specified under the Server rules section
Server Rules and TNT Rules without making up new rules as they suit you.

You will under no circumstances whatsoever intentional teamkill an offending player to "teach him a lesson", or as a "reminder".

A breach of these points may lead to for the admin position to be revoked.